Lufthansa’s New Tableware is “Timeless, modern” and So, So Boring – But at Least it’s Environmentally Friendly

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Lufthansa has just unveiled a new set of tableware for all of the airline’s Economy Class passengers flying on intercontinental flights. It’s not the most exciting airline news ever we admit – but then we took a look at the pictures Lufthansa released and things really started to go downhill.

The German carrier calls the new tableware is “timeless, modern and high quality”, yet we can’t help but feel this is code for “boring”. Apparently, the idea was to create an elegant and consistent design. Which probably isn’t very easy when there are 900,000 individual components going into service.

Here’s what Lufthansa had to say about the new design: “With a clear use of form and elegant, consistent design, it should appeal to all target groups and also stand the test of time when it comes to fashion trends. Visually, the new Economy Class tableware is characterized by its faceted shapes. Dynamic lines create shadows which give the tableware different color nuances, depending on the light reflection. Two different surfaces – matt and smooth – ensure a pleasant feel.”

Old Vs. New – In Pictures

Here’s what the packaging and tableware used to look like. Photo Credit: Lufthansa
And this is the new look Lufthansa Economy Class tableware. Photo Credit: Lufthansa
And this is the new look Lufthansa Economy Class tableware. Photo Credit: Lufthansa
The new design is said to “timeless” or boring depending on your outlook. Photo Credit: Lufthansa

The whole look will go live in the next few days with everything from trays to coffee cups, packaging and accessories all being replaced.

The big plus point is the tablewares environmentally friendly credentials.  The designers have worked hard to cut down on the number of disposable items that seem to litter Economy Class meal trays nowadays.  That’s great news for the environment but how cabin crew will react to having to collect and sort all this new reusable tableware remains to be seen.

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Although, even that has been considered – the trays have apparently been shrunk in size or as Lufthansa calls it, given a “space-saving design”.  Slip-resistant materials have also been used and the tray created with a slight tilt to make loading it back into the trolly much easier.  This means that cabin crew can fit more trays into a single trolly and hopefully speed up the meal service for everyone onboard.  Maybe this new design is a winner after all.

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